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Looking for the best hospital in India to get treated? You are not alone! India has some of the best hospitals in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities and world class medical staff, these hospitals attract patients from all over the world. In addition to providing excellent medical care, these hospitals also offer a wide range of other services such as accommodation and travel arrangements. The hospital sector is growing rapidly with increasing demand for healthcare services. There are many hospitals that offer world-class services with state-of-the-art infrastructure and affordable packages. However, it’s not just about getting a treatment at the most affordable cost but also finding the best hospital based on your preference. If you are planning to get treated at a hospital in India, you will come across various hospitals in different cities or towns. The choice can be overwhelming, right? To help you out in this regard, we have listed some of the Top Hospitals in India based on their ratings, services, facilities, doctors, treatment cost. Let’s take a quick look:

Overview of the Indian Healthcare System

Compared to other countries in the world, India’s healthcare system is still in its infancy. Although the country has made great strides in recent years, its healthcare system is still far behind other developed nations. The Indian healthcare system is regulated by the government and is primarily offered through public hospitals. Private hospitals are growing in number and are regulated by the state authorities.

Indian healthcare facilities are predominantly understaffed and underfunded, with a lack of trained personnel. The government has attempted to improve the healthcare system by introducing new initiatives, such as establishing new medical colleges, increasing investment in healthcare, and building new healthcare centers across the country.

Despite the challenges, India’s healthcare industry has continued to grow, with the healthcare sector expected to grow to $280 billion by 2022. There are many factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of India’s healthcare industry, such as an increased demand for quality healthcare, an increase in medical tourism, and an increase in private healthcare spending.

Types of Hospitals in India

There are a number of different types of hospitals in India, including government-run hospitals, charitable hospitals, and private hospitals. Government-run hospitals are funded by the government and provide free or subsidized healthcare to patients. Charitable hospitals are run by charitable trusts, and provide free or reduced-cost treatment. Private hospitals tend to be for-profit clinics that offer a range of medical services for patients. There are also specialty hospitals that focus on treating certain types of diseases or patients, such as pediatric hospitals and maternity hospitals.

Additionally, there are super specialty hospitals in India that deal with complex medical conditions such as cardiac diseases, cancer, orthopedic issues, and neurosciences, among others. These hospitals offer the highest level of medical treatment, with state-of-the-art equipment, high-end treatment protocols, and a team of specialized doctors.

Another type of hospital in India is Ayurvedic hospitals, which focus on the ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic hospitals provide medical treatment using herbal remedies, yoga, and other holistic methods of healing.

What to Look for in a Quality Hospital

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hospital in India, but one of the most important factors is medical experience. The best hospitals in India are staffed by highly-skilled and qualified doctors who have years of clinical experience. It’s important to note that not all hospitals in India have doctors who are licensed and accredited by the Medical Council of India.

Furthermore, the best hospitals in India have well-equipped facilities, including state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment, and a clean, safe environment. It’s also important to find a hospital with excellent medical reviews, as this can provide valuable insight into the quality of care offered. You can find reviews by speaking with people who have received treatment at the hospital, as well as by researching the clinic online.

Another important consideration when choosing a hospital in India is the availability of healthcare specialists. While many hospitals offer a wide range of specialties, some may not have the specific doctors you need. In some cases, patients may need to be transferred to a different hospital in order to see a specialist.

Which is the Best Hospital in India?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the best hospital in India. Depending upon your preference, budget and lifestyle, you can choose from the following given below: Hospitals offering specialized treatment: If you are looking for a specialized treatment, then you can pick a hospital that offers that particular treatment only. For example, if you want to undergo a bariatric surgery for weight loss, then you can choose a specialized bariatric surgery hospital. Similarly, if you want to get treated for a rare disorder, then you can pick a hospital specializing in that particular disorder. If you have a specific disease like cancer, then you can go for a hospital that deals with that type of disease. Hospitals with state-of-the-art infrastructure: The type of infrastructure available in a hospital also matters. You can visit a few hospitals and check their facilities like rooms, wards, operation theatre, laboratory, cafeteria, etc. Hospitals with experienced doctors and nurses: The doctors’ experience and expertise in dealing with specific diseases and disorders matter a lot. You can also check their reviews online to know more about their expertise and quality of treatment. The nurses should be well-trained and experienced in dealing with patients. The staff should be courteous and helpful.

Medical Tourism in India: Everything You Need to Know!

best hospital in india

The world today is witnessing an emerging trend of Medical Tourism. With the increasing cost of healthcare services and the associated travel costs, people are now looking for affordable options to get treated. Medical tourism in India offers you a wide range of services at a much lower price than what you would pay in your home country. There are many countries that offer medical tourism as a niche service; however, India stands out with its affordable packages and various domestic and international locations to choose from. Catching up on the rising demand, many hospitals and wellness centers have opened their doors to international patients. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about medical tourism in India – from the advantages of getting treated there to the cost procedures, visa application, accommodation options, etc. So keep reading!

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the practice of travelling to a different country to get treated for various health issues, including elective surgery. This process is also known as ‘outbound patient tourism’, ‘cross-border health tourism’, or ‘healthcare tourism’. Many people travel out of their home country to get treated at a lower price or to get a surgery that is not available at their home country. However, medical tourism is not just about the treatment; it is also about the experience. So, when you are travelling abroad for medical treatment, you can expect to experience something beyond the normal healthcare procedures. You can expect to be treated as a VIP at your medical tourism destination. The idea of medical tourism is not a new concept. However, with the evolution of the internet and the rising cost of healthcare in various countries, it has seen a significant rise in recent years.

Why choose India for your Medical Tourism?

The reputation and quality of healthcare in India has been a subject of discussion for a long time now. With the changing scenario, India has become a preferred destination for medical tourism. It is one of the most affordable and accessible healthcare destinations in the world. Some of the reasons why India is among the top medical tourism destinations are 

1.Availability of a wide range of treatment options – With the increase in the number of hospitals offering medical tourism services, India now offers a wide range of treatment options for all types of diseases, including – cancer treatment, heart surgery, orthopaedic surgery, liver transplant, kidney transplant, neurological disorders, and even cosmetic surgery.

2.Availability of international-standard healthcare facilities – Not only select cities but a few metropolitan areas like New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai also have international-standard healthcare facilities. 

3.Wide range of treatment cost – With a large number of patients travelling to India for medical tourism every year, it has led to a wide range of treatment cost options for patients travelling from different countries.

4.Availability of 24/7 services at top hospitals in India – With the Indian healthcare system being a public one, you can always expect round-the-clock healthcare services. –

5.No language barriers – With the majority of Indians being fluent in English, there are no language barriers in India.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in India

There are various benefits of medical tourism in India that might convince you to opt for this treatment. Some of them are –

-1. Wide range of treatment options – You can find a wide range of treatment options in India, especially for medical tourism. The cost of treatment in India is much lower compared to other countries.

2 Affordable lifestyle – The lifestyle in India is very affordable due to low cost of living. You can enjoy your stay in India at a very affordable rate. 

3. Accessibility to treatment – You can easily find high-quality treatment in India without having to travel to any other country. You can even find global-level treatment options in India. – Medical tourism is a growing industry in India – The medical tourism industry in India is growing at a very rapid pace. Many new hospitals are being established in India every year to cater to the growing number of medical tourists.

5. Availability of a wide range of treatments in India – You can find a wide range of treatments in India, especially for medical tourism.

Who can benefit from Medical Tourism in India?

Anyone who is suffering from a disease can benefit from medical tourism in India. However, there are certain diseases and medical conditions that are treated better in India than in other countries. Some of the diseases that can be treated better in India due to less strict regulations are –

1. Cosmetic Surgery – Cosmetic surgery is not treated well in many countries due to the strict laws and regulations. However, in India, you can get treated for cosmetic surgery at a lower cost. –

2. Neurosurgery – Neurosurgery is not allowed in many countries, especially in Asian countries. However, in India, you can get treated for neurosurgery at a lower cost. 

3.Organ Transplantation – Organ transplantation is very expensive in all countries. If you are looking for an organ transplantation, you can get the best treatment in India. –

4.Pediatric care – India has become a popular destination for pediatric care. If you are travelling with a child, you can get treated for pediatric diseases in India. 

5.Alternative medicine – Alternative medicine is not allowed in many countries. If you are looking for an alternative medicine, you can get treated for it in India.

How to find the right Indian Hospital for your treatment?

Finding India’s Best Hospital for your treatment can be tricky. However, if you have done your research well, you can easily find the right hospital. Some of the things that you should look for while finding the right Indian Hospital for your treatment are –

1. Reputation of the hospital – You should always look for the reputation of the hospital before selecting it for your treatment. You can read reviews of the hospital on various online platforms or talk to your friends who have been to India for medical tourism. 

2.Licensing and accreditation – Always look for a hospital that has a valid license and is accredited by the Indian government. You can also check for any complaints against the hospital online.

3.Availability of a wide range of services – You should look for a hospital that offers a wide range of services for the treatment that you need.

Visa requirements for Medical Tourism in India

Visa requirements for medical tourism in India depend on the country from which you are travelling. There are some countries that are exempted from getting a visa for medical tourism in India, and there are some that need an Indian visa for medical tourism. Before travelling to India for medical tourism, you should check the visa requirements for medical tourism in India.


Medical tourism in India is booming due to various reasons. The rising demand for healthcare services and the increasing cost of healthcare across the globe have led to an increase in the number of medical tourists. Moreover, the ease of access to Indian airports and the availability of a wide range of treatment options have made India a preferred destination for medical tourism. However, it is important to take certain precautions before travelling to India for medical tourism. You must research well about the hospitals that are offering medical tourism services in India. You can also talk to your friends who have travelled to India for medical tourism. You can also go through online reviews and feedback to get an idea about the hospital that you want to choose for your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitals in India?

Which are the best hospitals of India?
Aster CMI Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Medanta Hospital are some of the Best Hospitals in India. 
Which is the No 1 hospital in India?
The medical science here is highly advanced which is the reason why AIIMS as a hospital witness so many patients from different corners of the world. It is globally renowned and recognized for its technology driven approach. It is regarded as Best Hospital in India.

Which is biggest hospital in India?

Amrita Hospital, Faridabad is India’s largest private hospital with 2,600 beds. The super-specialty hospital is equipped with latest healthcare facilities.

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